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13 Best Places to Post a Podcast

Creating podcasts is one thing, and promoting them is completely different. When it comes to podcasts, visibility is the key to success.

The more people listen to your podcast, the better.

Let me be straight with you, posting podcasts is a long-drawn and tiring process, but there’s no way around it. To grow your podcast, you have to do it.

In this article, you’ll discover how to promote podcasts and some of the best places to post a podcast to create your listener base.

So let’s dive in.

How to Promote a New Podcast?

Promotions and marketing, in general, have evolved over the years. A few years back, it was easy to just go to a few platforms and talk about whatever you wanted to promote.

As time passed, people got annoyed by all those self-promotions and annoying shout-outs.

The best way to promote your podcast is by providing value to the readers and your target group.

What that means is, instead of just blabbering about your podcast, try to help your audience by answering their questions. Provide valuable information, and create genuine conversations.

Do the promotion of your podcast with value-based marketing and subtly integrate your presence.

Another important thing to remember is the platform where you promote yourself. It would usually depend upon your target group, the category of your podcast, how you want to position yourself, and a lot more.

To find some of these categories, you need to do a lot of research. Identify your competitors, make your audience personas, and define your podcast’s brand.

To save you time and get you started immediately, here’s a list of platforms you can post a podcast to promote it.

5 Major Places Where You Can Promote Your Podcast

#1. Reddit

Reddit website homepage

Reddit is widely known as the front page of the internet. You can literally find anything you’re looking for, ranging from basic questions to an entire explanation of quantum physics.

In 2019, Reddit had 430 million monthly active users and had grown even more.

Graph showing growth of monthly active users on Reddit Source

As far as promotion is concerned, Reddit isn’t exactly a traditional marketing-friendly platform. It’s more of a community and a place for discussions and opinions.

Participate in those discussions and interact with a massive community of Redditers by commenting on threads or creating new posts.

Creating a post on Reddit is as easy as making one on social media.

You can start from generalized subreddits like r/Podcasts, r/podcasting, r/podcast, and r/PodcastSharing.

However, if you want to make a mark in your target group, consider going narrow and highly specific.

For example, try looking for sports discussion-related subreddits if your podcast is about sports.

It enables you to establish yourself in the niche and express your knowledge and opinions to your audience.

#2. Answer Quora Questions

Quora homepage with question listing

Quora is one of the oldest and most engaging communities. The platform has 300 million monthly active users; that’s enough to prove its popularity.

But people sometimes use Quora in the wrong way and keep spamming answers. That’s not what you want to do. You should follow their copywriting rules and best practices.

It would be best to satisfy the user’s needs to make your promotions stand out. Answer questions and give an extra value without actively pitching your podcast.

Most people make that mistake and hurt their marketing efforts instead of boosting them. Of course, you want to mention your show or episode but don’t push it too much. Find the sweet spot.

For your podcast’s promotion on Quora, you can start by searching queries related to your niche. When promoting a podcast that discusses fashion topics, you can search for “What to wear in summer?” in Quora’s search box.

Here’s what you got 👇

Search results on Quora for selected keywords

In the image above, you can see a bunch of questions you can answer to promote your brand and podcast.

Choose questions you think might be the best to promote your podcast and brand.

#3. YouTube

YouTube homepage screenshot

As the 2nd largest search engine in the world, YouTube is abundant with quality content and viewers to consume it.

Promoting your podcast on YouTube is excellent for reaching out to new viewers and giving snippets of your podcast to generate more interest.

It’s so great for podcasts that many experienced podcasters use it as their primary platform.

You can think of YouTube videos as teasers for your podcast and drive more traffic towards it.

If you’re concerned about what content to put on YouTube, you can just upload your old podcasts without making any changes.

You can also create regular videos and make it like a sub-channel for your content.

YouTube Shorts are a good way to go these days. You upload similar content but with a slightly different approach.

If you don’t want to put much effort into publishing podcasts on YouTube, opt for paid ads to promote your podcast.

#4. Social Media Platforms for Promotion

Social media is where all of the attention is these days. With the right strategy and content, you can effectively promote your podcast on various social media platforms at the same time.

You need to research your niche audience and determine the best social media platform for you.

Here’s a list of social media channels you can leverage to talk and post your podcast to promote it.

To kick things off, I suggest you start with any of these three platforms 👇

#1. Facebook

Facebook offers a massive pool of different audiences that you can easily target. There are several Facebook groups you can be a part of to find like-minded people and make them your listeners.

All you need to do is socialize and be an active member of the communities you join. Upload a few posts regularly and interact with your page followers and group members.

#2. Discord

Discord channels are great for community interactions and giving your audience a platform to interact with you.

Your podcast can have a dedicated Discord chat where people can discuss and talk about the things your podcast covers.

You can also join other popular Discord chats to talk about your podcast and try to get people to listen to it.

#3. Twitter

Twitter is an excellent place for promotions of any kind.

Most podcasters and content creators use Twitter to share updates and news about their podcasts and discuss things in their industry.

You can do the same by ensuring you tweet, share stories, updates, upcoming podcast guests, etc.

#5. Publish Podcast Episodes on Your Own Website

Having a website for your podcast can be great for promotion and having a solid presence as a brand.

You might not have a chance to discuss everything during the podcast episode, like yourself, your background, inspirations, why you have the podcast, etc.

With a website, you can let your audience know about all those things and boost your presence from a marketing point of view.

You can post old podcast episodes, podcast transcripts, sources, blogs, updates, index episodes, and much more to add relevant content to your website.

It will further enhance your SEO and give your podcast significantly higher visibility.

A platform like Podfan can help you create a website for free. You can also accept donations or set up memberships from our platform.

Podfan landing page screenshot

8 Best Podcast Directories to Post a Podcast

Let’s now discuss some of the top podcast directories that let you promote your podcasts.

Choosing the right platform and the best places to post a podcast is about analyzing your audience and niche. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few podcast directories to begin your search.

#6. Apple Podcasts

Screenshot showing Apple Podcast homepage

Apple Podcasts is one of the best podcast platforms. It has a massive user base of over 28.5 million active listeners in the US and 550,000 active podcasts worldwide.

Regardless of your niche, you will most likely find the right audience on Apple Podcasts.

It is one of those podcast directories that almost all content creators use, even if it is the only one they choose.

The most significant benefit of using Apple Podcasts is the popularity and ease of use of the Apple ecosystem. The users have their entire library connected to their devices for ultimate synchronization.

Here’s a comprehensive guide if you want to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts.

#7. Spotify

Spotify app showing Joe Rogan podcast

Spotify is the largest audio streaming platform in the world and another great option for free podcast promotion. Because of its popularity, most phone users have it as their primary music app.

It means your podcast has the chance to reach them all by organic searches or even paid ads right on the app itself.

With more than 422 million monthly active users, Spotify allows you to analyze your audience and determine several metrics to grow your podcast.

#8. Google Podcasts

Google Podcast screenshot from web

Google Podcasts is Google’s answer to Apple Podcast. It wasn’t possible to access Apple Podcasts on Android phones.

Seeing the popularity and demand for a podcast app on Android devices, Google created one of its own.

The best feature of Google Podcasts that makes it stand out is the searchability of your podcast.

The Google search engine shows playable episodes of podcasts in searches. So, you can attract new listeners directly from search.

Not only that, but it is also available on iOS devices so that none of your fans miss out on your content.

#9. Podchaser

Podchaser website screenshot

Podchaser is a crowdsourced database where users can rate, review, and recommend podcasts to listeners with similar interests.

It currently has over 500,000 active members and is a reliable online source to find new podcasts.

Your podcast needs to be on this platform if you want to get the most loyal followers and increase your reach.

Even if you manage to get an exclusive podcast on different directories, you can still post it on Podchaser for additional visibility.

#10. Radio Platforms

Radio Platforms might sound like an outdated concept to some people. However, that is absolutely not the case.

These platforms feature curated lists and categories of podcasts where you can add one of your own.

Here are some of the best Radio Platforms for posting your podcast:

#1. TuneIn

TuneIn app screenshot

TuneIn has more than 75 million monthly active listeners who access content from live radio stations, news, sports castings, and podcasts.

Listeners can access a massive library of podcasts from different categories. If you want to add your podcast to that list, visit TuneIn’s help page.

#2. iHeart

iHeart podcast listing screenshot from the app

iHeart is a radio platform that hosts live music, news, and podcasts in several genres. The current active user base of iHeartRadio is estimated to be over 150 million listeners worldwide.

#3. RadioPublic

Screenshot from the RadioPublic homepage website

RadioPublic is a podcast platform that helps podcasters get discovered, engage with their listeners, and get rewarded for creating awesome content.

Podcasters can create a website for their podcast to promote it and have a presence on the platform.

#11. Pandora

Pandora website screenshot showing homepage

Pandora is a US-specific podcast platform with over 64 million active users.

The podcast platform of Pandora is called AMP Playbook, and you can upload your podcasts there in just a few minutes.

You can access the platform from your desktop, iOS, or android device.

#12. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts banner image with mobile apps

Pocket Casts is a curated podcast directory where your podcast needs to be accepted before being shown to the listeners.

This unique aspect of Pocket Cast allows a library of high-quality podcasts and makes the platform clutter-free. If you’re confident that your podcast is great, Pocket Cast is a worthy directory to put it on.

You can also access paid placements to attract more listeners and get a bigger viewership.

#13. Castbox

Castbox homepage showing mobile apps

Castbox is a free podcasting platform with a creator studio where you can upload your content and access various podcast analytics features.

You can measure your subscribers, streams, and downloads with analytics. Apart from that, Chatbox is a stable platform for listeners to easily access a vast library of shows, live casts, and podcasts.

To have your podcast featured on the app, you’ll have to apply for podcast submission and claim its ownership before making it public.

Wrapping Up

Promoting a podcast isn’t easy; if it were, everyone would do it. You must post your podcast in multiple places, engage with the right audience, and be consistent. Accept it; there’s no way around it.

But keep an open mind and think of the long-term.

Create great content, follow the best podcast practices, and promote your show where your listeners hang out.

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