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Receive recurring membership payments, directly into your Stripe account.

Hosting is included, with unlimited downloads, at no extra charge.

Set any price and pay a flat fee based on number of members.

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Listeners can subscribe to a Podfan private feed in 1-click if they have one of the podcast players below installed. Many more podcast players can be used by copying and pasting the feed URL.

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Direct deposit into your Stripe account.

Direct deposit into your Stripe account.

When purchases are made, Podfan doesn't skim. Payments go directly into your Stripe account. Pay a flat rate based on the number of members, monthly.

Charted membership growth and downloads.

Charted membership growth and downloads.

Chart your membership growth, by tier, along with current MRR. You also get lots of beautiful download data, visualized.

Accept donations for free.

Accept donations for free.

Accept recurring and one-time donations for free and only pay Stripe transaction fees. What!!

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for your podcast

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  • Choose the theme color for your page
  • Upload a teaser episode
  • Add subscribe links for every podcatcher
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  • Create host profiles with pic + social links
  • Mobile-friendly and SEO optimized
Accept donations for free
  • Setup donation memberships at any price
  • Members get access to your updates
  • Accept one-time donations
  • Payments go directly into your Stripe account



Only pay Stripe transaction fees

Offer a private,
member-only feed

  • Offer your fans bonus content, or an ad-free feed
  • Charge whatever monthly price you want
  • Optionally offer 7-day free trials
  • Each member is issued a unique, private feed and can subscribe in 1-click

Hosting with unlimited downloads

A customizeable Podfan page

Pay monthly based on the number of private feed members you have:

$0.30 USD

per member per month, plus transaction fees

Give new listeners a taste.

Podfan lets you upload a brief 3 minute or less teaser episode for listeners to sample your show. The teaser gets featured on your Podfan page, plus it will get published in a podcast of everyone’s teaser episodes - The Super Sampler

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Podcasters 💛 Podfan

“As a fairly experienced podcaster looking to monetise with a member-only feed, Podfan was the answer to my prayers. A crowdfunding platform dedicated to podcasters. It ticks every box and does it in style, at exceptional value for money.”

Anthony Gourraud, host of
Des Ondes Vocast

“Setup is fast, and membership subscription is frictionless for listeners. I recommend Podfan to all podcasters who are looking for an easy way to monetize podcast contents.”

Becca Motola-Barnes, co-host of

“We're so glad we chose Podfan! It was easy to set up everything: private feed, membership tiers, and publishing episodes is super simple. Most of all we love the elegant design that makes us look great. Live Long and Prosper.”
“Built from the ground up for podcasts, Podfan makes it super easy to create member only episodes and provide early episode access — while making the subscription process frictionless for listeners. Podfan is the future of podcasting, today.”