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What's the difference between a podcast website and a standalone private podcast?

A podcast website is an extension of your public podcast. You can offer memberships and donations to your audience. Once they support your podcast, you can reward them with extra content.

A standalone private podcast is available for your podcast subscribers. It's not public. Only paying members can access the content.

How does your pricing work?

You can create a podcast website for your public podcast for free. Your listeners can discuss episodes, share feedback, reviews, and more.
Once you want to monetize your podcast, you can offer memberships & donations. It can unlock extra content for your supporters.

The other option is to create a private podcast hosted on our platform. It will be available only for people who buy your membership.
We offer unlimited download, and you can upload as many episodes as you want.
Our pricing starts at $12/m + $0.30 per member.

You can learn more on our pricing page.

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