Offer member-only private audio feed your listeners will love.

Podfan is here to help you monetize your podcast. You can enable private episodes for all your paying members. They can subscribe to your premium feed in one click.

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Simple way to grow your podcast

There are many ways to monetize your podcast. We focus on premium content available for your audience.

Accept donations

Podfan allows you to accept monthly-recurring or 1-time donations.

Monthly recurring donations are set up via membership tiers which can be set at any price. One-time donations allow the listener to choose the amount, but you can set a suggested amount.

What you’ll achieve
  • Recurring revenue
  • Loyal audience
  • Option to support your podcast
  • Exclusive content
  • Monetization model
  • Passive income
  • Grow of your podcast
  • Extra motivation
Private podcast

Private podcast

Podfan allows you to offer a hosted private audio feed to your listeners for a paid monthly or annual subscriptions at any price. It can be attached to a public podcast, or you can create a stand-alone private podcast.

Podfan facilitates the hosting, management, and distribution of member-only audio content, and you will never be charged for bandwidth or storage space.

You can also post text updates for your members. Members can comment on your updates and member-only audio episodes.

You’ll also get beautiful charted data for downloads, membership growth and more.

Private podcast

Build for scale

Podfan is ready for your large audience!
We built this product on Google technologies that automatically scale as needed, and deliver maximum uptime.

Listeners can reliably access even the largest feed, no matter what size the audience.

We believe our pricing is transparent and fair to all podcasters. We charge based on the number of private feed members you have. It means we grow if you grow.

Build for scale

Featured podcasts

We want to highlight great podcasts running on our platform. They use our monetization features that help them grow and offer extra content for their supporters.

Create your podcast page

Give new listeners a taste.

Podfan lets you upload a brief 3 minute or less teaser episode for listeners to sample your show. The teaser gets featured on your Podfan page, plus it will get published in a podcast of everyone’s teaser episodes - The Super Sampler

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