Membership for podcasts.

With Podfan, you set up one beautiful page that does it all. Make it easy for your listeners to subscribe, support, share and engage with your show. It’s free to start, no credit card required.

Podfan pages include:

Monthly support, no cut taken.

Monthly support, no cut taken.

Offer your listeners different rewards at different support levels. Instead of skimming every payment, Podfan charges a flat rate for each supporter. Create your page for free.

Post updates for members.

Post updates for members.

Give your members updates and respond to comments. Add host profiles, links to your socials and provide subscribe links for all the different players.

Content is the best reward.

Content is the best reward.

Create a member-only feed which you can use to distribute member-only episodes, provide early access to new episodes, or special access to the archives.


The Perfect Podcast Page

  • Available for any podcast with an RSS feed
  • Offer tiered rewards with frictionless, recurring member payments
  • Post member-only updates with commenting
  • Built-in, full-featured podcast player
  • Mobile friendly page

Customize your page:

  • Add subscribe links for all major players
  • Add social media links
  • Create host profiles
  • Choose your featured episode

Create Member-Only Feeds

  • Create member-only episodes (paywalled episodes)
  • Provide early access to episodes for members (windowing)
  • Provide member-only archive access

Frictionless subscription:

  • Each member gets their own unique feed URL emailed to them
  • Subscribing to the unique feed URL is simple and fast

Plus you’ll get great hosting:

  • Unlimited storage and downloads
  • Detailed analytics for downloads and earnings

It’s all included with your Podfan page.

Set up your page for free and offer membership with basic or content rewards with no cut taken. You’ll only be charged a flat rate per member per month.

No credit card required to create your page. All you need is an RSS feed.

One simple rate:

$0.25 USD

Per member/month