Welcome to Podfan!

Podfan is here to support podcasters by allowing listeners to subscribe, support, share and engage with your show. Podcasters can monetize their show by offering member-only private feeds at an incredible value not found on any other podcast membership service.

Podfan is designed to optimize SEO for your podcast, and is built on Google Cloud infrastructure with Google technologies for performance, scalability and uptime.

Podfan allows anyone to get a free Podfan page for their podcast by claiming their RSS feed, no credit card required. We don't scrape feeds—your page won't appear here until you claim it.

Podcasters can offer membership tiers with recurring payments from listeners to support their show. They can accept donations for free. Podcasters can offer a member-only feed of special content and also post updates just for members. Podfan facilitates the hosting, management, and distribution of member content.

Who’s behind all of this?

Jamie Perkins

Podfan was built by Jamie Perkins, who has been building websites since the GeoCities days. You can follow him on Twitter @inorganik, or visit him at his website inorganik.net where you can learn about his other projects such as Podmap.org — mapping the world's podcasts!

What are your favorite podcasts?

My favorites are Planet Money, Akimbo, and The Hospital Records Podcast. I also enjoy 99% Invisible, Darknet Diaries, Reply All, Love + Radio, Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend, Exponent, Changing Denver and many more!

I still have more questions!

You can check out the FAQ and hopefully your question is answered there. If not, you can get in touch by emailing team@pod.fan.